Concrete Driveway Winter Care Tips

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Winter Care Tips for a Concrete Driveway Maintaining the appearance of your concrete driveway is crucial in preserving your home’s curb appeal. But did you know that every homeowner has several tasks that are necessary to perform to prepare your concrete for winter? Unfortunately, many people are unaware that concrete needs to be maintained outside

Polished Concrete Floors

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Polishing concrete is a relatively new finishing process for both commercial and residential flooring. This atypical type of finishing was discovered by accident via a contractor in the late 1990s. He instructed his workers to polish the flooring of a palace. Except they didn't use the usual 'wet polish' method. Without water they ground down

Concrete Grades

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Concrete has been a staple of all of the modern man's larger-scale constructions in America since the earliest days of our nation. We use it in everything from bridges, streets, buildings, countertops, flooring, and more – yet, we continue to find new usages for concrete by the day. Concrete can come in a varied number

Concrete Countertops

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When trying to put together the perfect kitchen of your dreams, you'll come across plenty of options. There are so many choices for flooring, cabinet-type, and most importantly – countertops. The countertop is any kitchen's lifeblood. It accounts for all cooking activities and is the first thing many see when stepping within your home's hearth.

Champlain Tower South

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WARNING: This article discusses the tragedy of the Champlain Tower South in Surfside, FL, and might be an emotional trigger for some readers. At the time of the writing of this article, the Champlain Tower South tragedy in Surfside, FL, is still a fresh incident receiving almost twenty-four-hour news coverage. Although many factors are responsible

Cracks In Your Concrete

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Concrete is a long-lasting, durable material used for many construction jobs. It is both common and affordable and, for centuries, has been the preferred material used in building projects. If installed right and maintained properly, concrete can have a lifespan of multiple decades. Concrete, however, does have its vulnerabilities, and a person needs to know

Concrete Stamping: What To Know

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Since concrete is durable and affordable, many people choose to use concrete for their patio, walkways, driveways, garage floors, etc. Although the concrete itself has a long lifeline, if a person chooses to decorate the concrete with tile or paint, the added decorative value can deteriorate very easily. In this article, we will discuss something

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