Concrete has been a staple of all of the modern man’s larger-scale constructions in America since the earliest days of our nation. We use it in everything from bridges, streets, buildings, countertops, flooring, and more – yet, we continue to find new usages for concrete by the day. Concrete can come in a varied number of forms. Not every concrete can do the same job, so niche subcategories of everyone’s favorite industrial framework material are readily available for whatever project best suits your needs. Read on to learn about concrete grades.

Standard Concrete Grades

Concrete ‘grade’ is based on the composition of the mixture the durability and assists with helping buyers decide is best for their chosen application. The concrete grades below are best for residential usage and you can easily find them in many hardware stores.

C10 Concrete Grade

Generation One concrete, 10 Newton/28-day strength. C10 is one of the weakest varieties yet likely the cheapest for general day-to-day usage in reinforcing things outside the home. It’s what you’d use for fence posts, trenches, floor binding, and more.

C15 Concrete Grade

Generation Two concrete, 15 Newton/28-day strength. This is the ideal concrete for creating steps. It is not recommended to use this type for larger projects, but it is a good middle-ground for price-strength ratio.

C20 Concrete Grade

Generation Three concrete, 20 Newton/28-day strength. This is a perfect grade for lighter foundations, driveways, flooring, garages, and more.

C25 Concrete Grade

This is one of the more versatile variants of concrete, just beneath more industrial-scale mixtures. C25, otherwise known as ‘ST2’, is perfect for foundations, large-scale fillings, footings, and generally reinforced bases of various uses. This would also be applicable for reinforcing cracks in your home’s foundations if one appears.

High-Performance Concrete Grades

C30 Concrete Grade

The weakest of the commercial-grade mixtures is ‘ST3’ or ‘PAV1’. C30 is one of the most common mixes contractors use in pavement construction. Although it wouldn’t stand heavy strain beneath larger vehicles. It’s graded to endure strain beneath 30 Newton/28-day strength usage. It’s also a recommended mixture for reinforced bases of any type.

C35 Concrete Grade

C35 is a notable upgrade to the standard variety of concrete mixtures and a good foothold over C30. This is a foundation mixture for larger commercial buildings. It’s also been specifically mixed to reduce air bubbles being created within its cement curing process, a chemical treatment to reduce cracking or deep freeze damage that plagues other mixtures.

C40 Concrete Grade

One of the strongest mixtures of commercial-grade concrete a prospective buyer could really get their hands on. This is a mixture graded for 40 Newton/28-day strength and is the best choice for large industrial-level foundations, supports, and more. It’s also a popular mixture for roadworks and agricultural focuses, with the ability to withstand the most strain of weight in mind.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for further guidance on concrete types or have a project in mind – contact Hicks Asphalt, Pavement, and Concrete. We’d be more than happy to assist you in finding the right variety. We have years of experience and a proven track record of providing the highest quality material for your building needs.