Construction Equipment and Uses

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There are several types of construction equipment that are commonly seen, each with their own set of uses. Many of these pieces of equipment have serve an individual purpose. If you’re looking for something to move soil or lift things, you have a few options. As we go through this article, we will discuss the

Types of Asphalt Damage, Part 3

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We have previously talked about several different types of damage that your asphalt pavement can sustain. Today we continue by talking about several different varieties of the same type of damage – cracking. Cracking is one of the most widespread types of damage common in asphalt. Block Cracking Block cracking is easily identified by the

Site Work: Everything You Need To Know

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Site work defines all the work on a construction project that is done to the location, rather than what’s being built on the location. Site work focuses on preparing the site for whatever will be built on it later. It is an essential part of the construction process that helps everything else move along smoothly.

Timeline Of Asphalt Development, Part Three

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This is the third and final installment of our timeline of asphalt series. The first part discussed the ancient origins of asphalt through its arrival in America. The second part examined how asphalt expanded and eventually became integral to American life. This week, we lay out the timeline of how exactly asphalt became as widespread

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