Asphalt Care Tips for Winter

If you are the proud owner of an asphalt driveway or parking lot, then you likely also want to preserve its health. With that in mind, you may be looking for some tips or tricks for preserving the lifespan of your asphalt. As it happens, this has to be looked at from a seasonal point of view. Especially in the state of Florida, there is a large change in routine from winter to summer.

While it may not be a huge swing in temperature or snow, our seasons differ in the amount of precipitation that occurs. Rainy and hurricane season tends to begin in mid-May and extends through to the end of November. This means that spring and winter are your best bet for some basic asphalt maintenance. However, remember that rain is one of asphalt’s biggest enemies. Taking care to hire an experienced asphalt paving contractor during the dry season is critical.

Cracks and Pits

One of the main complaints about asphalt is that it becomes cracked and pitted over time. These unappealing damages are a normal part of the wear and tear associated with asphalt. Fortunately, they can also be prevented to a large degree. For those not familiar with asphalt, one of the primary causes of both cracking and pitting is excessive moisture. If you observe your asphalt after a rain and see standing water, that puddle will likely be the location of a future crack or pit. During the dry season, you would be wise to correct any drainage issues and fill any cracks. Other likely culprits of cracks and pits are tree roots and traffic flow. If you find an issue with rapid braking or speeding in your lot, consider installing some road markers to indicate traffic flow and slow down drivers.

Surface Stains

If you notice that the surface of your asphalt is not as vivid as it once was, this could be due to surface staining and discoloration. It would help if you had your asphalt cleaned regularly. Yet, how often is determined by how much use your asphalt sees. More cars equal more opportunities for stains and spills. For instance, some places, like grocery stores, see a steady flow of cars every day. Many store owners in return have their parking lot swept every evening to stay ahead of the mess. Beyond regular sweeping for aesthetics, a schedule of deep cleaning to remove stains will go a long way to keeping your asphalt looking new longer.

Another option that you should consider once a year is the seal coating. This should also be done in the winter when it is less rainy in Florida. Sealcoating helps to prevent the stains from setting in. This way, any spills that occur can be easily washed away before they become permanent.

Another way to keep your asphalt surface looking bright and new is to have it restriped. For example, if you are running a parking lot, you understand the importance of having easily visible lot stripes to prevent accidents and maintain traffic flow. Plus, a freshly striped lot is more inviting and makes the whole building attached to it seem more clean and welcoming.