When hiring any contractor, it is important to do your due diligence. If you try to save money by hiring someone with less experience or uninsured, you might end up paying in the long run. In this article, we will discuss the things you should know before hiring a paving contractor.

Visiting The Worksite For An Estimate

Although the majority of contractors in the industry will give a free estimate. This enables the potential client to make an informed decision about project costs. You should only consider hiring contractors who physically visit the project site. Although estimates are helpful, there might be other factors at the site that can lead to higher costs. The only way to ensure there will be no added costs to the project down the line is if the contractor can visit the project site and give a true estimate.

Consider Drainage Into The Equation

Does the contractor consider any water drainage needs into the equation? If water drainage is not addressed at the beginning of a paving project, this can add additional costs in the form of additional maintenance, repairs, and possible replacement.

Understand Your Paving Needs

The contractor should get a good understanding of your pavement needs. You will want to make sure they understand the type of vehicle that will drive over the pavement. They should also consider whether it is for commercial or residential use. Clients also need to decide whether or not pavement should be decorated.

Explain The Process

A reliable contractor should be able to give you a timeline of the project’s completion. They should also be able to explain the materials that will be used along with the equipment needed to install the pavement. Not only should the contractor be able to explain all of this, but be able to do so using terms that are easy for you, a layperson, to understand.

Offer A Warranty

Does the contractor offer a warranty? A contractor who offers some sort of warranty cares about their clients. They will come back out to the project site and resolve any issues that may have arisen resulting from the installation of the pavement.

Offer Services And Maintenance

Although the homeowner can do many of the services and maintenance on private pavements, it is important to know that if you wanted them to, the contractor will come out to service the pavement with seal coating and perform regular maintenance check-ups. It is preferable to have the contractor who installed the pavement do the maintenance as they will be already familiar with the project and be aware of any issues such as drainage or root vegetation.


Like any successful business, your contractor should be able to offer you referrals to call up and follow up with. Since pavement contractors are usually outside work, you should be able to go and visit these previous clients and be able to see the work for yourself.

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