Driveways are an important part of every home’s curb appeal, so it is no surprise that people consider a wide range of options when it comes to their driveway material. A popular debate right now is asphalt vs. paving stones. Fundamentally, for many people, asphalt vs. paving stones boils down to a debate of function and aesthetic. Read on to learn the different pros and cons of asphalt and paving stones, including which option will work best for you.

The Money Factor

One of the most important considerations with any home renovation project is how much everything will cost. The nice thing about a driveway is that it delivers return on investment via curb appeal. Items such as landscaping, garage doors, and driveways all give homeowners back the money put into them by boosting the value of the home through increased curb appeal.

Installation Cost

Asphalt is perhaps the most money conscious option for homeowners seeking a budget friendly option. Asphalt requires less hours and less manpower for installation. Driveway pavers are generally more expensive than asphalt is, but they vary widely in cost. Rectangles made out of common types of stones cost less than stones of unusual shapes or rare materials.

Maintenance Costs

Both materials have maintenance costs, however, pavers are more difficult to maintenance. Asphalt needs to be resealed every one to three years, which is a time consuming process for homeowners. The best option for most homeowners is to hire an asphalt professional to reseal the asphalt.

Paving stones do not need resealing. However, the stones are much more prone to damage than asphalt is. Snow is especially damaging to pavers. Homeowners need to pay for regular cleaning or pay to replace bricks that are cracking or chipping.

When considering both installation and maintenance costs, asphalt ultimately comes out cheaper than stones.

The Looks

Paving stones are considered to be the more aesthetic choice, but both asphalt and pavers have aesthetic options.

Paver Designs

Pavers are fairly aesthetic without any assistance. However, contractors can make extra, more complicated design. Traditionally, contractors establish a border of one type of stone and then fill that border in with another kind of stone. For pavers, there are a wide range of shapes and colors available.

Stamped Asphalt

Stamping asphalt is a fairy recent technological development. One of the options for asphalt stamping is a stamp that makes asphalt look like traditional pavers. Many contractors also paint stamped paving, so the final result is a similar replica of paving stones. Asphalt stamping is not only for making asphalt seem like pavers. The stamps can shape asphalt or integrate a wide range of designs. Everything from names, to addresses, to logos can all be transformed in a stamp for a completely customized driveway.