Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete has had the pleasure of working at the University of Florida with projects involving asphalt, concrete, and site work. Working at a university is a unique situation. While the work is commercial work, it is a different situation than a usual commercial site. On campus projects have heavier traffic than usual commercial projects, as well as other unique properties. Read on to learn all about paving at a university and some tips to handle the unique situation.

Student Safety Is Key

Everybody knows that safety is important on construction projects. However, on campus, with students and faculty walking near the work site, safety is even more important. With a college campus it is important to remember it is essentially a commercial site in a residential setting. At a university, the buildings around the site have a high chance of hosting student housing.

Also consider that there is a decent chance that the nearby students are inebriated. If a project takes longer than a day, the area around the site must be cleaned up and tucked away properly. This is so students do not accidentally trip over or bump into anything. On the other hand, more mischievous students are simultaneously prevented from causing trouble.

Unusual Traffic Patterns

On campus traffic patterns do not follow the usual work traffic patterns of elsewhere. Classes tend to end earlier than five. However, parts of campus where graduate students operate tend to have more traffic later in the day.

Ask your point of contact at the university about traffic patterns in the area. Additionally, inquire where your employees are permitted to park to avoid traffic. Usually student and faculty parking lots are jam-packed during the day. Faculty parking lots empty overnight, while certain student lots tend to stay full.

What To Do On A Lunch Break

Paving in Florida is a hot, uncomfortable affair, so it is easy to understand why asphalt professionals look forward to their lunch break. Unfortunately, on campus dining is usually outrageously expensive. It is a convenience tax for students, that unfortunately falls onto the shoulders of employees on campus as well.

As easy way to out maneuver this is by going off of campus. In some cases, it is as easy as crossing a single street. Off campus, the meals are cheaper, and some restaurants actually do group deals to draw in students.

Heavy Traffic

It is important to remember just how much traffic the paving on a campus goes through. Not only from cars, but from busses and thousands of students passing through. Unlike many commercial parking lots, where people don’t park as much on the edges, university lots experience heavy traffic nearly everywhere.

It is never in best practice to cut corners. However, a university project is most definitely not the place to start doing so.