Concrete is known for being one of the most durable and long-lasting building materials. In fact, it can last for generations with minimal maintenance. A concrete driveway is more likely to require a little more maintenance than the rest of the concrete around your house, like the walkway, the front stairs, or the front pillars of your house. In the past, stamped concrete was mainly used outside of the home in areas such as the driveway, patios and walkways, but today, styles are changing, and people are starting to use decorative concrete indoors. It’s durable, affordable and stylish, so it’s becoming a popular choice in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. If you need an easy-to-clean surface that doesn’t stain or harbor allergens, then you definitely need to check out stamped concrete. Many people are so impressed with the material, stamped concrete installed throughout their home. Read on to learn how to maintenance stamped concrete driveway.

Keep It Clean

The first and most basic form of maintenance is simply keeping up the look and cleanliness of your concrete driveway. An excessive amount of leaves, twigs, and other yard debris can cause a number of problems that might be developing; taking the time to clean every so often will let you get a good look at the surface to identify any issues that should be addressed.

Reapply Sealer

As you clean, keep an eye out for spots where the sealer needs to be reapplied. Weather will gradually wear away the sealer layer of your concrete and leave the surface exposed and vulnerable. Concrete driveway owners should anticipate resealing their driveway every two years or so. However, depending on the climate in your local area, the sealer may need to be reapplied more frequently in spots.

A good quality sealer can be bought from:

  • Hardware stores
  • Department stores
  • Home improvement stores
  • Online retailers

Avoid Chemical Deicing Treatments

If it snows and ices a lot in your area in the winter, then you are no stranger to the many different deicing products on the market. Chemical deicers can severely damage concrete driveways in a surprisingly short amount of time. Look for calcium chloride or rock salt deicing products instead. These are more likely to do much less damage to your concrete surfaces.

Remove Stains

Although stains may not seem at first like a form of damage, they can cause a lot of cosmetic concerns that decrease the curb appeal of your home and property. A concrete sealant properly applied with help resist stain absorption. Nonetheless, homeowners should make an effort to clean up spills from concrete surfaces as soon as possible. Clean up oil, gas, grease, and other substances promptly. If the concrete does stain, use a power washer and specialty cleaning products. This will help restore the look of your concrete and keep your home’s curb appeal up.

Be Careful With Concrete

Concrete is definitely very strong, but it is not indestructible. Heavy machinery and sharp tools can cause concrete to chip, crack, or even break. Even the metal blades of snow shovels, dirt shovels, and gardening tools can damage concrete surfaces. Take care when doing maintenance around the home when using tools.

The only required maintenance is sealing it every other year. Sealing your outdoor patio with sealer helps to prevent cracks and chips from occurring and keeping its original color. A stamped outdoor concrete patio is easy to keep clean. Simply use a garden hose or broom to sweep it off.